Elevate Your Golf Matches

Add some fun and excitement to your golf matches.

  • Customise Matches

    Customise your teams, add your wagers and the app will calculate the rest. More match types coming soon.

  • Privacy First

    We respect your privacy, so we don't ask for much information to begin with.

  • Live Action Golf

    Get the latest golf news, aggregation services provided by Live Action Golf.

Antee golf app live leaderboard
  • Challenge Your Friends

    The Antee wager system allows you to add wagers mid-match within your grouping.

  • Social Leaderboards

    Follow the progress of your matches in real time. Filter the metrics you care about.

  • Find Matches

    Match making - find other golfers to play with in public matches. *coming soon*

App Screenshots

Preview of the Antee app features.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're sorry that your course is currently not in our database. We will be happy to add your course and make it available in Antee app. Please use the contact form and let us know what the name of your course. We will get to work on it immediately.

No. At this time you can think of Antee app as a digital scorekeeper and scoreboard. The Antee app does not support the betting or transfer of any currency. The app is only a companion app to your on course shenanigans. Think of it like the poker chips of poker.

Antee app currently supports individual stroke play, 2 man sixes, 2 man best ball. We will certainly be adding more game types in the near future. If you have a match type that you like to play we would be happy to hear which one. Contact us and let us know.

We have no requirement at this time to know much about you, so we don't ask. We do use Google Analytics and Crashlytics to assist with app development. You can view our privacy policy here.

We encourage it! We would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Please use the contact form. We cannot guarantee that we can address all feature requests and comments but we will do our best.

Since the app was designed for competition and wagers we want some form of scoring accountability.

Currently, match wide skins across all groups, group wagers and Nassau skins for front 9, back 9, overall. For group wagers you can customize which holes the wager is for and set a custom value per hole. In the wager screen you can see the results of the wager and a hole by hole results summary.

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